Deccan Voices in Concert - with Opera singers: Pamela Hinchman, Harrah Friedlander and Sandra Oberoi - 17th Dec. 2013

17th Dec. 2013 - Deccan Voices in Concert - featuring Pamela Hinchman, Harrah Friedlander, Sandra Oberoi, Meghna Dundi, Aman Mahajan, Sharik Hasan, Jonathan Hewitt and many more...


Gershwin Showcase:

Man in the Mirror:

Bridge Over Troubled Water:

Phantom of the Opera:

Laudate Dominum:

Sir Duke:

Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille –

My Tribute (to God be the Glory) – 

O Holy Night –

Voi Che Sapete –

 White Christmas –

 At Last – Meghna:

 Interviews (Hindu and New Indian Express) with Pamela Hinchman, Harrah Friedlander & Sandra Oberoi:

Please read the attached review (a musical bounty), written by Pratap Antony, also on 



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