About Us

What is Hyderabad Western Music Foundation?

An agent to revitalise & revive 'appreciation' of Western music

HWMF is a registered non-profit organization, has been set up to revive, revitalize and heighten the level of awareness and appreciation of western music in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

The over-riding belief - to create harmony through music

HWMF believes that music has the power to pervade borders, resolve differences, unite people, propagate pluralism - and create harmony through music.


Create a forum for musicians and lovers of Western Music in Hyderabad to meet, interact, understand and appreciate different genres of  Western Music, namely Classical Music, Jazz Music and Cross cultural and Interdisciplinary music.


•  To create avenues for local talents
•  Locate performance venues for the local western music artists and lovers of this music
•  Conduct courses on learning and appreciation of classical music and jazz
•  Intercultural- music-exchange. Participation of local musicians  and musicians from abroad in workshops
• Provide access to people interested in music - musicians, music  teachers, schools, music-shops, choirs, bands of all genres
• To set up a coaching centre for musicians. To do all such acts and things which shall further and promote education in the field of music in all forms.
A four way approach
  1. Music teaching & appreciation classes in both Western Classical Music and Jazz, notation reading and other workshops, instrumental classes via the recently launched Hyderabad Western Music Academy
  2. A platform to local musicians to perform. Bring together music teachers, music schools through workshops by visiting national and international musicians
  3. Facilitating music performances by Indian and foreign musicians in collaboration with cultural associations such as Goethe Zentrum & Alliance Francaise and other organisations
  4. The School Outreach Programmes - conducting music workshops for school children on the school premises
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