The Hyderabad Western Music Foundation

A platform for musicians and lovers of western music to...

  • Meet, Associate and Interact with each other
  • Perform and Share Their Talent
  • Understand and Appreciate different genres of Western Music and its linkages to other forms of Music

HWMF Events/Courses in April 2014

19th & 20th April – 10-12am Contemporary Guitar Workshop at Lamakaan
The 2 day workshop will be conducted by Ujjal Kumar Saha, who is a professional Jazz guitar player hailing from Kolkata. Akhil Kodamanchili (guitar player, composer) will join in to facilitate the sessions. The workshop aims to discuss various aspects of guitar playing & musicality such as improvisation, theory, notation and technique, by using simple analogies & clear cut demonstrations to help guitar players of all genres & levels of skill to transpose their present abilities to the next level. The workshop lays emphasis on the benefits of collaborations and hopes to instil a healthy jam culture in the city.
The workshop will conclude with an open jam circle using basic progressions from various styles ranging from pop to blues. Bring your instrument along with you!
Course fee: Rs 150 per session/day
Registration at Lamakaan on 19th/20th April
Info: Akhil 8686816060 or 9912201659




Hyderabad Western Music Foundation in collaboration with Alliance Française is pleased to present:

Lecture-cum-Demo –
On "Appreciation of Western Classical Music"
Have you ever wondered how different is a Sonata from a Symphony or a Fugue from a Fantasia?  Could you get to know what exactly a Concerto or a Cantata means, without getting muddled with musical jargon? Come and join us in this simple journey from the 9th to the 19th century as we outline the development of Western Music, bringing out the salient aspects of each of the periods with audio-visuals not only on the screen but live on the instruments as well.
 Friday, 11th April (part I) – 6.30 pm and
Saturday, 12th April (part II) – 6.30 pm
Resource Persons:
Commodore TMJ Champion
Dr. Naveen Elias, Piano
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