Music Workshop by Rotem Sivan (New York) @ Alliance Francaise

Music Workshop – Sunday 9th April – 11.30 til 2pm

By Rotem Sivan, New York (guitarist, arranger, composer)

Venue: Alliance Française, Banj. Hills (lane next to Q-mart).

Instrumentalists and singers are welcome.

Please bring your instrument along. Fee: Rs 200

More information and registration:  9912201659

Rotem Sivan is taking the NYC jazz scene by storm. Described by DownBeat Magazine as “a remarkable talent and a welcome new voice on the scene,” he completed his studies in both classical composition and jazz with honors in Tel Aviv & NYC. Sivan tours with his trio most of the year playing in world-renowned festivals and clubs. He has performed in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, UK, Slovenia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Israel, USA, and Canada, among others, and has given workshops around the world in top universities and schools.

WORKSHOP - Rotem Sivan  thoughts about how to practice music:

Music as a Language 

Deeply studying small cells of information while allowing flexibility that can bring additional knowledge   !   Create and surround ourselves with the environment of the language we wish to acquire

Tension and Release 

Melody, rhythm and harmony are all based on the balance between tension and release  !   Noticing these general structures allows to better understand the different musical languages  !   Why bebop is important


Memory functions in a few different way: hearing, kinesthetic and visual !   These are ways to make something part of our system so we don’t have to think about it, it becomes a subconscious element 

How to Practice Effectively 

Using timer !   Ways to focus !   Practicing in an A-B-C cycle !   A subject from different perspectives !   Repetitions    !   Breaking down the issue to its core concept 


A very important element is the way we play what we choose to play. With guitar especially there is very little talk about dynamics and as an instrument there should be more focus on that !   Controlling our dynamic range is as important as learning a new scale, maybe even more, because this will affect every note you play


Learning to hear different subdivisions !   Hearing and executing a few layers of rhythm !   Polyrhythms   !   Exercises to create focus and inner sense of pulse  !   Tapping and singing  !   Triplets as the underline sub-current of jazz

Target Points  

Melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and structural target points  !   Anchor points in the form !   Point of departure and point of arrival 

Asking Questions  

There is a lot of information around us all the time !   Our friends, peers and teachers have different experiences and information from us !   Musicians as a community - helping each other, supporting and caring 

The Road To  

Why we tend to remember the negative experiences in life and what can we do !   Enjoying the path

masterclass - video

Live in hamburg

live in Krakow


HWMF Academy Students Concert - 2nd April @ Alliance Française


Venue: Alliance Française, Banjara Hills (lane next to Q-mart)

Sunday, 2nd April at 5 pm

Family, friends and students, we are pleased to announce our next student recital, featuring vocal, trumpet, piano, flute, ukulele and violin students as well as the HWMF-Kids club! Our students will be presenting western classical music (Purcell, Bach, Scarlatti...) as well selections from musical theatre and film such as Moon River, Think of me…and Pop numbers (M. Carey; Adele...), incl. an "indian taste"!  All are welcome. Entry free. Join us and support our aspiring musicians.


Basic Music Theory and Vocal Course - Start 11th March



Our introduction to music theory and vocal course is for EVERYONE who loves music and singing! Learn how to approach vocal learning systematically and how to move towards a healthy singing voice. Get familiar with the basic principles of vocal techniques like breathing, vocalizing and body posture. Acquire a basic music theoretical and practical understanding (notation reading, scales, rhythm, group-/solo-singing). After completion of the course you might like to join an advanced group.                              Picture batch Feb. 2017

Course/ 5 Saturdays:             Saturday, 11th March 2017 (March 11; 18; 25; April 1; 8)
Timings:                                   2-3 pm

Venue:                                       Alliance Française, Road no 3, Aurora Colony, Banjara Hills
Course Fees:                           2400/- for 5 classes; incl. material

Teacher:                                   Joe Koster


Send your application/questions to

Deccan Voices - Auditions for singers

Choir auditions – talented singers are welcome to join!

The Deccan Voices is a mixed vocal performing group in the twin cities and takes great pride in performing from their repertoire of classical, jazz, musicals, film or popular music - a cappella - often accompanied by keyboard/piano and other instruments. The singers have a passion for music and a desire to share that passion.

Auditions/rehearsals, Friday eves at Vidyaranya High School (Opp. Secretariat), 7-9pm.
Contact: Raghav Rao 9866174363 or Joe Koster 9912201659 or write to

Max Clouth Clan - Jazz/Fusion Concert 4th March @ Sailing Annexe





      The hospitable and picturesque environs of the Sailing Annexe - Secunderabad Club, was opened to the music of the Max Clouth Clan on the evening of the 4th of March 2017, and the Club was chock-a-block with fortunate listeners who had come to hear this terrifically talented German guitar trio.

    The Max Clouth Clan was, Max Clouth on Guitar, Jonathan Sell, Bass, and Martin Standke, drums.

     The Clan’s playing was stellar and the sound superb. Not just the band’s sound, but also of the perfectly balanced sound system. Best of all was the Clan’s super-empathy that could be delivered only by players who are familiar with each other and play and jell together. Jonathan Sell on Bass and Martin Standke on drums provided a solid, inventive, melodic bass backbone and a shifting, swinging pulse that drove all the music forward like a swinging, swaying yet steady locomotive.

     The Max Clouth Clan, on first hearing, appeared to be mixing styles and crossing boundaries, the guitar had the gritty bite and bluesy yet smooth overdriven tone of a rock guitar, but through it all there was an unmistakable jazz sensibility that pervaded the music.

     Max Clouth played his own compositions, one of them, he had announced, was called ‘Noon’ that he had composed while waiting for a student in a German classroom. But all the compositions they played were tangy and tasty, and had a controlled and deliberate rough edge to them within the composer’s conception of his music which alternated between jam band music, rock and sizzling, swinging jazz. And though they only played their own original compositions, I did hear references to a novel rendition of the classic ‘Summertime’.

     It is the second half of the concert that was remarkable surprise. The Clan was joined by a genre-busting phenomenon named Varijashri Venugopal, a young yet well recognized Carnatic vocalist from Bengaluru with a love of Jazz.

     Varijashri Venugopal and the Clan explored Carnatic music, and though it was obvious that she was a true Carnatic classical vocalist, it became apparent that Max Clouth had also studied Indian classical music and was familiar with its syntax.

     Varijashri’s vocalisation in the arrangement of “Krishna Nee Begane Baro composed by Saint Purandara Dasa in Kannada in Raag Yaman and on another one (a Carnatic composition), Amba Para Devate, in Raaga Rudrapriya, composed by Sri Krishnaswami Ayya, was consummate, and her voice was light and airy, her vocal inflections precise, delicate and rapid as the wing beat of a hovering hummingbird and her voice as melodious as a Malabar Whistling Thrush.

     The compositions were melodious and syncopated and Max Clouth changed the  tone of his guitar for this session to a more sweet and mellow tone to match the singers voice, The Clan, especially Max Clouth followed the singer with accuracy and understanding, and was able to take the singers fluid improvisation and the uncluttered linear conception forward smoothly.

     And though some jazz purists or Carnatic classical music aficionados may not have been pleased with this fusion, to this listener it was matchless. This kind of music, if listened to with attentiveness, I think, would unlock, engage, and provoke listeners’ imaginations and help open their minds. 

     The Secunderabad Club, Goethe Zentrum and the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation deserve kudos for bringing us lucky listeners this luminous experience.

Write-up by Pratap Antony

Concert Video - Max Clouth Clan


together with Varijashree

Manmohan Raj

Max Clouth Clan

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